"Since Dr. Miller performed my eye surgery, I see as I did when I was 12 years old!  The procedure was well performed and I had very little pain.  Dr. Miller was very clear on the pre-op and post-op instructions.  He told me what to expect and I felt at ease.

Dr. Miller's office staff was amazing to work with.  They covered every detail regarding appointment information, insurance and all other instructions."

-- Susan Andrus

"I was extremely anxious about my prospective cataract surgery and was dreading the scheduled operation. However, my fears were somewhat alleviated by the very professional and competent pre-operative procedures.

After the cataract surgery on my right eye was completed without complications, I actually looked forward to the operation on my left eye with only minimal concern.

Both operations went exceptionally well, and I can see 20/20 both eyes. The whites are brilliant white, and all the colors are vivid and saturated."

-- Morris Sargent

"Overall, my experience with Dr. Miller and the Lasik procedure was very positive and I am very appreciative to [him] for all his concern and hard work. Since the surgery, I have been able to swim with my three children with excellent vision and without concerns for losing my contacts. I can and have already whole-heartedly recommend the procedure and Dr. Miller as a physician to anyone considering this procedure."

-- Chuck Pribble, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia & Critical Care Medicine

"As a healthcare provider I understand the importance of being treated by a properly trained professional. I can honestly say I had 100% peace-of-mind knowing Dr. Miller was performing Lasik on me. His training and excellent care made him an easy choice. Lasik is one of the finest investments I have ever made."

-- Dr. Bart L. Goldsberry

"I had considered refractive surgery for some time. I was actually screened at another facility but was uncomfortable with their approach. With Dr. Miller there wasn't any pressure. [Lasik] ended up being the best decision I've made. I am now able to see my children's faces when they wake me up unexpectedly."

-- Nancy Hohler, M.A.

"Dr. Miller ended my 48 years of visual problems with scarcely two minutes of surgery. His very careful presurgical evaluation resulted in a perfect correction. The surgery could not have been easier. I did not miss a single day of work and was back to operating in two days. From my perspective, this surgery was close to magic."

-- Larry G. Leonard, M.D., FACS
Plastic & Microsurgery

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